How to Share Outlook Contacts Through Email

by Contributor

There are times when you may want to send contact information you have stored in Outlook to other people that interact with the same contacts, such as another business associate or employee. Outlook makes it easy to email contact information and automatically update the recipient's Outlook contact list. No one has to waste time entering this duplicate information and all the information is transferred with perfect accuracy.

Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer, if it is not already open. Decide if you are sending information on one contact or multiple contacts.

Select "Contacts" from the "Go" menu. Right click on a contact and select the "Forward" command. This will automatically open a new email and attach a VCARD file of the contact to the email.

Enter the email address of the person to whom you are sending the information and send it. Once the person receives it, all they have to do is open the attachment and save it. This will save the contact information in their contacts section of Outlook.

Send multiple contacts at once by saving the individual contacts as VCARD files first. Double click on each contact that needs to be transferred to open it. Under the "File" menu, select the "Export to vCard file" command, follow the prompts and save it to an easy destination in your documents folder.

Open a new email and type in the email address. Attach all the VCARD files to the email and send the email. The person receiving the email just has to open each attachment and save it and it will automatically go into the contacts section of Outlook.


  • check Sending contact information for other programs may have different directions to follow but if they take VCARD files, it should follow similar steps.


  • close Always make sure you are sending the right contact information and that it is sending only the information you want. You do not want to accidentally share the wrong personal information.

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