How to Share Music Between Two Ipods

by Lucosi Fuller

Almost everybody on the planet has an iPod, but everybody on the planet doesn't have the same taste in music. If you have a playlist that your friends love, you don't have to pass your iPod back and forth to let them enjoy it anymore. A free program called iPod 2 iPod can transfer every song in your iPod, or a selection of songs, in a matter of minutes, so you can give your friends the music on your iPod and they can give your theirs. It also works if you want to move songs from an old iPod to a new one.

Navigate to the iPod 2 iPod website and download and install the program to a preferred location on your computer. You must have a Windows operating system for the program to work.

Exit iTunes if it's running on your computer. iPod 2 iPod won't work if iTunes is running while the songs are being transferred.

Start up iPod 2 iPod and a screen will appear with two panels that will show the list of songs on each iPod you connect.

Use a USB cable to connect the iPod that has the songs you want to transfer. iPod 2 iPod will automatically detect and list the songs on the iPod.

Click on the "Eject" button before disconnecting the first iPod and then connect the second iPod. iPod 2 iPod will display the second iPod's songlist.

Click on each song you want to transfer (or select the entire playlist) and then drag the music to the pane on the opposite side of the screen (clicking the arrows between the panes will also transfer the songs). Click on "Eject" after the transfer and then you can disconnect the iPod from the computer.


  • check iPod 2 iPod has a feature that will allow you to display songs that one iPod has, but that the other iPod doesn't, and you can also clean up duplicate songs on your iPod with a title search feature.

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