How To Share Contact Details On Skype

by Tayla Holman
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Skype allows you to have video conferences, phone calls or text conversations with other users. You can also send files and share contact details of other users in your address book.

Step 1

You can't send contact details if you're not logged in!

Log into Skype, making sure to set your status to show that you are online. You can also set your status as "Invisible" if you don't want to be contacted while you're signed in.

Step 2

Who do you want to send information to?

Click on the person's name you want to share contact details with.

Step 3

Click on the button that looks like a gear with an arrow pointing down next to it. This will bring up a list of options for you to choose from. Click on "Send Contacts." You can also right click on the person's name to bring up the same list.

Choose the contacts you wish to send. Once you've selected all the contacts whose details you want to share, press the "Send" button.


  • You can send contact information even if the person you want to send them to isn't logged in at the time. They will receive the contact details when they log in.
  • You can also drag and drop the contact you want to share into the text area of your conversation with the person you want to send the information to.


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