How to Setup a Wireless HP 7410

by Matt McGew
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The HP 7410 is a multi-function or "all-in-one printer" that features a printer, a fax machine, a copier, and a scanner. The printer also offers built in Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect to an available wireless network. Once the printer is successfully connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can wirelessly send print jobs to the HP 7410 from any computer connected to the network.

Step 1

Press the "Setup" button on your HP 7410. Press the "8" key on the printer and then press "4."

Step 2

Select the network you want to connect with from the list of available wireless networks. Use the up and down arrows to highlight your selection. Press the "OK" key.

Step 3

Enter the passcode for the network if prompted by the HP 7410. Network passwords are case-sensitive. Use the up and down arrows to enter the password. Press the "OK" key.

Step 4

Wait while your HP 7410 connects to the Wi-Fi network. Your printer will prompt you when the connection is successful.

Open a Web browser on your computer and download the most recent drivers for the HP 7410, using the link provided in the Resources section of this article. Save the drivers to your desktop. Double-click on the driver file to install. You need to install the drivers on every computer that will be sharing the HP7410 over the wireless network.


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