How to Set Up Multiple Twitter Accounts

by Nathan E. Baker

You can create multiple Twitter accounts if you manage each one as a separate account and follow the rules that Twitter has established concerning multiple accounts. Each account must have its own email address and unique Twitter handle, and the accounts cannot participate in cross-promotion, which includes retweeting from one account to another.

Multiple accounts are useful to separate business and private tweeting. People who manage social campaigns can use multiple Twitter accounts with different clients to reach the intended audience. The more Twitter accounts you set up, the more time you will spend managing them.

Create Multiple Email Accounts

Because each Twitter account must have its own email address, set up an array of email addresses and passwords. Use a notebook or a database to keep the email information and passwords organized. A Notepad or Word file can also be used to keep track of email and Twitter account details.

Open the Twitter Accounts

Create your accounts on Twitter as you normally would at the [Twitter Sign Up]( screen, using each of the email addresses you recorded earlier. Make notes to keep track of information. Before you start using any account, review the [Twitter Rules]( concerning serial accounts. If you break the Twitter rules, you can lose all the accounts that are connected to the infraction.

Meeting Management Challenges

Whether you create two Twitter accounts or 20, the management tasks are similar. Each account develops a personality of its own when it acquires followers. While the personalities of the accounts may be similar, they may be wildly different. Social media campaign managers, for example, have multiple clients with diverse interests and the tweets must match the account personality. Coming up with fresh new tweets can be a challenge, and you may find that saving an archive of tweets that can be updated and re-used is a useful shortcut.

Third-Party Applications

When you manage several Twitter accounts, you may benefit from using one of the third-party applications designed to work with Twitter. TweetDeck and Hootsuite help you manage multiple Twitter accounts, while Crowdfire and Unfollowers keep track of your interactions with other Twitter members. Some of these products are free, and some require a subscription. Third-party Twitter application features differ depending on the application and the platform. You can load tweets ahead of time and send them out on schedule, and you can archive tweets for re-use. You can monitor follower activities, find mentions and study the popularity of hashtags.

Twitter Serial Account Responsibilities

Each Twitter account becomes more influential as it gains followers, but even a high-power Twitter account can vanish if you break Twitter rules for serial accounts. The studious use of a notepad or database becomes increasingly important as your accounts mature and can prevent an accidental infraction of Twitter rules.

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