How to Setup My Jumbo Universal Remote (6 Steps)

By Andrew Smith

i Hemera Technologies/ Images

A Jumbo Universal Remote is not simply a novelty item to be placed on a coffee table or ottoman. These remotes, like other conventional universal remote controls, work with devices like TVs and VCRs. This remote, with easy to see and press buttons, can replace all of the remote controls in the home. All Jumbo Universal Remotes have an option that allows you to search for different codes that correspond to the devices you own.

Step 1

Put two AA batteries into the battery compartment that's located on the back of the remote.

Step 2

Turn on the VCR, TV or other device you will be using with the Jumbo Universal Remote.

Step 3

Hold down the “Code Search” key located near the top of the remote until the remote's red light stays on. Then, release the key.

Step 4

Point the Jumbo remote at the device you turned on in the second step.

Step 5

Press the remote's “Power” button repeatedly. The Jumbo remote goes through different codes. Stop pressing “Power” when the device turns off.

Step 6

Press “Mute” on the remote to install the code.