How to Setup an IPod for the First Time

by Contributor

Apple's iPod is easily the most popular personal audio device in America. The ease of its setup and function is certainly part of its popularity. Within a few minutes you can set up your new iPod so that you can begin enjoying it right away.

Charge the iPod's battery by plugging it into a wall outlet using the included power adaptor.

Download iTunes, Apple's music management software, from Apple's website and install the program on your computer. When given the option, select "Automatically update songs on my iPod" to allow for the easy synchronization of your iPod with your computer.

Plug the iPod into your computer's USB port. The iPod's setup software will automatically begin. Follow the steps on your screen.

After the setup is completed, iTunes will automatically open and sync your iPod with your computer's media library.

Disconnect your iPod, plug it into headphones or speakers to listen to your newly uploaded music.

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