How to Set up an HP All-in-One Printer

by Contributor

Setting up an HP all-in-one printer is quite easy. The directions provided with the product, as well as a bit of common sense, can easily guide you through the process. However, there are a few tips that will make the process go smoothly. Follow this road to all-in-one printing nirvana:

What to do

Remove your new printer from its packaging. Besides the styrofoam and plastic packing materials, the printer will have some tape and cardboard to protect fragile, movable parts. Set these pieces aside as you remove them, in case you need them again later.

Connect the power cord and AC adapter to the printer. The power cable should be plugged into a surge protector to allow for safe operation.

Load ink cartridges and printer paper after turning the power on. Follow the procedures outlined in your owner's manual. Make sure the ink and paper are loaded properly before turning the power off.

Install the included software and product drivers. The all-in-one printer should have come with a software and drivers disk. Before plugging the new printer into your computer, make sure the appropriate software is completely installed.

Turn the printer on and plug the provided USB cable into a USB port on your computer. Because you previously installed the proper drivers, your computer will search for and find these as your new all-in-one hardware is appropriated.

Print a test page to make sure the connection between your HP all-in-one printer and your computer is complete.


  • check Make sure you have the HP drivers and software CD for your all-in-one.
  • check Position your all-in-one so that it is close enough for the USB cable to reach your computer.


  • close Do not plug your all-in-one into your computer before installing the included software.
  • close Exercise caution with any electrical device to avoid shock.

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