How to Set-Up Harmony Remotes Online

By Scott Eilers

Logitech Harmony remotes are a line of universal remote controls that offer two major innovations over other universal remotes. The first is the use of macro commands, which allows the remote control to execute multiple commands with a single button press. The second is the ability to connect the remote to an Internet-enabled computer and download programming for individual components, removing the need to manually program the remote for each device that it will control.

Write down the make and model number of each device the Harmony remote will control. Model numbers are typically found on the back of devices such as TVs and DVD players, or on the front of the Owner's Manual.

Download or install the Logitech Harmony software to an Internet-enabled computer, if you have not already done so. The Harmony software is included on the DVD that comes with each remote. If your disc is not readily available, the software can also be downloaded for free from the Logitech website. (See Reference 1)

Run the Logitech Harmony software by clicking on the program shortcut. This shortcut is usually located on the desktop or within the "Start" menu, and is called "Logitech Harmony Software" by default.

Connect the Harmony remote to the computer using the USB cable when prompted to do so by the Harmony software.

Click on "Add a Device" button within the Logitech Harmony software. Select the type of device, then select the make and model of the device from the two text boxes that appear. Do this for each device that you wrote down in Step 1.

Click on the "Update Remote" button to finalize the online setup. The Harmony software will automatically download the program codes for each device you added to your remote at this point. Do not unplug the Harmony remote from the computer until this procedure has finished.