How to Setup Folders and Subfolders in Thunderbird

by Eric Mack

Mozilla Thunderbird is a light, quick and easy way to get your emails and messages organized. But before diving into this fully-featured piece of freeware, you'll need to set up the skeleton of your organizational system using that old school standby--the file folder.

When you run Thunderbird for the first time, you'll see a few default folders already set up on the left--Inbox, Unsent, Draft, Trash and Sent. If you don't see them, click "View" and then "Toolbars." Make sure that "All" is selected.

Start creating and arranging new folders to organize your messages. To create a new folder right-click on "Local Folders" and select "New Folder."

You can create new folders or subfolders of existing folders to further categorize your correspondence. Highlight any folder, and then follow Step 2 to create a new folder; this new folder will become a subfolder of the highlighted folder.

If you want a new folder to appear on the same level as "Inbox" and the other main folders, select "Local Folder."

Create as many folders and subfolders as you need to organize and categorize your inbox--folder categories might include: bills, family correspondence, work related, etc.


  • check Folders are organized alphabetically. If you need a certain folder to always appear on the top or bottom of the list, add an "A" or "Z" as a prefix to the folder name--for example, "A-bills" or "Z-receipts."

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