How to Setup an FM Transmitter Station

By Jason Taetsch

FM transmitters use the audio from your portable MP3 player to create a station. You can then use your car's stereo to listen to your MP3 player without having to install any wires. Consider buying an FM transmitter with a power adapter if you plan on using it for long periods of time as the transmitter can quickly drain your MP3 player's battery.

Plug the audio cable from the transmitter into the stereo headphone jack on your MP3 player or other personal audio device.

Turn on your car's radio and select a station that has little or no signal reception, if your FM transmitter has programmable frequencies Set your transmitter to the matching station on your car's radio.

Turn on your MP3 player or other device and play a song. Turn the volume to half and raise the car's radio to the desired listening level.