How to Setup an Actiontec DSL Modem & Wireless Gateway

By Dean Lee

The Actiontec DSL modem and wireless gateway is a single device that functions both as the modem and a wireless router. DSL (digital subscriber line) uses phone lines to transfer data. The data is converted by the modem into broadband Internet. The wireless gateway allows you to connect several users wirelessly, instead of just one user, like on a regular DSL modem. Beyond the physical connection, you should activate the wireless security.

Step 1

Connect the phone line from the wall jack to the back of the Actiontec DSL modem and wireless gateway.

Step 2

Connect an Ethernet cable from the computer to one of the four LAN ports on the back of the Actiontec DSL modem and wireless gateway.

Step 3

Open a Web browser and type "" into the Web address bar.

Step 4

Click on "Setup/Configuration" from the main menu, then from the left menu click on "Wireless Settings."

Step 5

Click "On" next to "Wireless", then type in your desired ESSID (network name).

Step 6

Type in any number from 1-11 next to the "Channel" box, then click on a security type next to "Security:" and click "Next."

Step 7

Type in the wireless security key you want to use, in the box next to "Key 1", then click Next." Your settings have been saved when the next screen loads, so you can close the router utility and disconnect the Ethernet cable.