How to Setup a Comcast Email Auto-Reply Message

By Contributor

It's amazing how fast orders are processed over the Internet. Purchase a new baseball glove or pair of shoes and you get an email confirming your purchase almost immediately after paying for it. Companies setup email with a built in auto-reply system to send a copy of your order to you. You can setup an auto-reply message through your Comcast email account to send quick responses to everyone sending you email. Comcast makes it fast and easy to setup an auto-reply message for all of your Comcast email accounts.

Step 1

Think through and write out the message you want to send people with the auto-reply message system. You need to take into consideration who sends mail to the account and what they need to hear from you.

Step 2

Go to the website to access your Comcast account (see Resources below).

Step 3

Choose to open the email portion of your Comcast account by clicking on "Email."

Step 4

Look on the left side of the webpage for the "Preferences" option and click it.

Step 5

Select the "Auto-Reply" option when the "Preferences" window opens.

Step 6

Find the words "Enable Auto Reply" on the web page and select "Yes." You can turn the auto-reply system off by changing the "Yes" to "No" when you are done using the system.

Step 7

Write your message in the large white box by the words "Automated Response Message."

Step 8

Finish the auto-reply message setup by clicking the "UPDATE" button on the bottom of the webpage.

Step 9

Send a message to your newly changed Comcast email account using a different email account. If you only have one email account, ask a friend to send you a quick email to test the auto-reply system.

Wait a minute and then check the email with the sending account to see if you received the automatic message.