How to Setup an ATT Aircard

by Christell York

Aircards are devices that connect to a USB slot on your computer and provide wireless Internet access. AT&T Wireless offers several aircards for use to connect with AT&T Internet services. Setting up your AT&T aircard requires that you have an AT&T LaptopConnect plan before your first use. After your aircard is setup, you will be able to access the Internet from any area that has access to AT&T Internet services. The steps for setting up your aircard will vary depending on the device you purchase.

Verify that your SIM card is inserted into your device. The method of SIM card insertion will vary depending on the device you are using.

Connect the device to an open USB slot on your computer. The device will begin installation of the necessary drivers and software to ensure proper connection to your computer.

Open an Internet page to verify connection.

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