How to Set up a Personal Email Account On Your Domain Name (

By Daniel Hatter

When you purchase a domain name to use with a website, you get the ability to create personal or business email accounts customized to your specific domain name. For example, if you have the domain name "," you can create email addresses such as "" and "" Use your Web host to set up email accounts on your domain name.

Step 1

Go to your Web host's site and log in to your account. Click the "Control Panel," "Administration Panel" or other similarly named link on the account landing page to view your account modification options.

Step 2

Click on the "Email Administration," "Email Setup," "Email Accounts" or other similarly named link. Click the "New" button, select "Mailbox" (or "Email Address" or "Account") and then select your domain name from the drop-down menu. If you only have one domain it will usually be selected automatically.

Step 3

Type in your email account details, such as email prefix -- "customerservice" or "janedoe," for example -- display name -- "Customer Service" or "Jane Doe," for example -- and password. Click "OK" to create your new email account. The incoming and outgoing email server information should now be displayed.

Step 4

Open the desired email program, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, and then click the "New Email Account" or similarly named button. Follow the prompts in the dialog box that opens up to set up the email address with the program. Enter the mail-server information provided by your Web host when prompted to complete the setup.