Setting a Home Page on the Nook

by Melissa King

Customizing your Nook's home page can save you time if you're always checking a certain site first -- such as an email provider, social network or blog -- after launching the browser. The home page is the page the browser loads upon launch. By default, this is a Barnes & Noble Web page that displays information about the Nook, but you can make it any page you want.


Tap the "Nav" arrow on your Nook's home screen, and then tap "Web" in the Quick Nav Bar to launch the browser.


Tap the address bar at the top of the screen to pull up the keyboard. Enter the URL of your desired home page and tap "Go." You can also choose a website from the history list that appears beneath the address bar.


Tap "Options," then "More Options." In the pop-up window, tap "Settings."


Tap "Set Home Page," then "Use Current." If you would rather use a different website for your home page, enter its URL in the dialog box that opens.


Tap "OK" to confirm.


  • check If you need to check your email often, consider setting the sign-in page for your email account as the Nook's home page.

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