How to Set Up a Yahoo! Account on My Cell Phone

by Sara Hickman

Yahoo! Mobile allows you to chat and email on the go through your cell phone. Most smart and messaging phones allow you access to Yahoo! Mobile, while some phones are not equipped to handle the program. Yahoo! Mobile can be downloaded through Yahoo!'s website, from your phone or accessed via mobile Web depending on your phone provider. Some services are automatically programmed into your phone upon purchase.

Open an Internet browser and visit Yahoo! Mobile's website. Type your cell phone number into the designated boxes. Follow the link that is sent to your text messages to set up Yahoo! Mobile. You will need your username and password.

Open the Internet browser on your phone and type to access Yahoo! Mobile. This link will lead you to the applications you must download to your phone. Enter your username and password and start chatting and sending emails.

Open the email menu on your cell phone. Choose your provider as Yahoo! and sign in with your username and password. Next open your instant messenger menu and choose Yahoo! Messenger. Enter your username and password and begin chatting.


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Sara Hickman owns a preschool science-based entertainment business in the Greater Cincinnati area. She has a bachelor's degree in communication and psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

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