How to Set Up Wireless on a 5Ghz Macbook Air

by Greyson Ferguson

The Macbook Air 5 GHz is a portable and thin laptop designed by Apple. The computer has a solid-state flash drive as the primary storage drive, which improves response time and allows for the smaller design. The Macbook Air has a built in wireless receiver, which allows you to access Wi-Fi networks in the area. In order to do so you must first set up and unlock the network on the Macbook computer.

Single-click the wireless icon in the upper right corner on the Macbook Air desktop. Wait a moment for the computer to scan for any available wireless networks in the area.

Click on one of the networks you want to connect to. This brings up a password prompt in the middle of the screen.

Type in the required password for the wireless network and click "Connect." The Macbook Air now scans the network to make sure the password is correct.

Open Internet browser you are running on the computer (such as Safari or Firefix) and the computer now connects to the Internet.

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