How to Set Up Voicemail on a SafeLink Wireless Phone

by Lee Tea
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SafeLink Wireless provides cellphone service that includes voice calls, text messages and voicemail, to income-eligible customers. The service, which offers customers no-frills handsets and monthly service free of charge, is powered by Tracfone, which uses Verizon Wireless' network. You can set up and change SafeLink's automated voicemail service directly from your SafeLink wireless phone.

Step 1

Power on your SafeLink wireless phone.

Step 2

Press the "1" key and hold it down. Wait for the automated system to pick up the call.

Step 3

Follow the audio prompts to record your new voicemail message.

Step 4

Follow any other prompts to set up your voicemail box, then hang up the phone.

Check your voicemail by holding down the "1" key to listen to new messages.


  • You can change your recorded greeting, delete or save voicemail messages when you access your voicemail box by holding down the "1" key.


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