How to Set a Verizon Phone to Wi-Fi Only

by Molly McPherson

Most smart phones have the ability to use the mobile network, a wireless connection or both for a variety of activities, including phone calls, browsing and application usage. Sometimes, especially when traveling and trying to save money on international voice and text rates, it is wise to turn off the mobile network entirely and simply use the wireless capabilities of the phone.

Set up Wireless Connection

Find the wireless connection set-up, commonly under "Settings" on your phone. This will normally be under a sub-section called "Manage Connections" or "Wireless & Networks." You may then need to go to a sub-section called "Wi-Fi," depending on the brand of your phone.

Select the desired wireless network in the provided list. After you click on the desired network, you will often need to enter your password. If the desired network is not present, click on "advanced" and enter gateway settings.

Your phone will automatically connect to the network and let you know if it is successful.

Turn off Mobile Network

Return to the main "Manage connections" or "Wireless & Networks" menu on your phone.

Uncheck the checkbox next to "Mobile network," or click the button that says "disable."

Test out your wireless capabilities. On Blackberry phones and some other smart phones, you will be able to make phone calls using the wireless network. On other phones, such as the Droid, you will need to use a Skype or Vonage app to make phone calls over a wireless network. Most data functions (but not text messaging) will work over a wireless network.

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