How do I Set up My Yamaha AV Receiver to an HDTV Cable Box?

By James Clark

Connect a Yamaha receiver to a cable and HDTV system with AV cables.
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Modern Yamaha receivers are equipped with multiple high-definition media interface, or HDMI, jacks for hooking up different types of audio-video equipment, including an HDTV cable box. HDMI transmits high-definition video signals and multichannel sound through one cable, including from the HDTV box to your Yamaha receiver, using a simple connection that takes only a few seconds to make. With HDMI, you don't have a snake's nest of cables and cords to untangle, just one cable between your source signal and the Yamaha.

Step 1

Turn off the power to both the cable box and the Yamaha receiver.

Step 2

Line up the plug on one end of the HDMI cable with the outline of the output jack on the HDTV cable box and push the plug straight in.

Step 3

Insert the plug on the opposite end of the cable into one of the inputs on the back of the Yamaha, such as HDMI 1.

Step 4

Turn on the power to both the HDTV cable box and the Yamaha.

Step 5

Press the button on the Yamaha remote control that corresponds to the name of the jack used to connect the HDTV cable box. You can also dial the input selector knob on the front of the Yamaha to display the jack name on the front LED panel.