How to Set Up Wireless Internet With Comcast

by Greyson Ferguson

Comcast is a large telecommunications company that provides telephone service, cable and Internet. If you subscribe to the company for Internet service you can opt for a wireless package, however this often costs extra to set up and more per month on your statement. This is not necessary as you can set up a wireless Internet connection on your already existing Comcast cable Internet.

Set up your Comcast modem if it is not already connected. A coaxial cable running from the wall should be inserted into the "WAN" port on the cable modem.

Insert the Ethernet cable into one of the "Out" ports along the back side of the Comcast modem. Connect the opposite end of the cable into the "WAN" port on the wireless router.

Power on both the wireless router and the Comcast cable modem.

Look on the back or bottom of the wireless router. Here you will find a URL address, followed by a series of numbers. Type this exact address into your Internet browser and press "Enter." The activation page for the wireless router will open.

Select a username and password for the wireless router. You need to type in the password twice to confirm it. Check that the wireless router is connected to the cable modem and click that you are using it for either a home or office. Select "Save" and your wireless router will become active with the Comcast Internet connection.

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