How to Set Up WiFi on Panasonic Blu-ray

By Alan Sembera

Modern Blu-ray Disc players provide smart-TV functionality.
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Panasonic provides an easy-setup option that allows you to connect your wireless-capable Blu-ray Disc player to your home Wi-Fi network almost automatically. All you need is your Wi-Fi password and the Blu-ray remote control. Once you connect, you can enjoy streaming movies, video and music on your TV. In addition to accessing services such as Netflix and Pandora, you can play media files saved on your computer or mobile device.

Step 1

Attach the Blu-ray Disc player to your television set, and turn on the player to bring up the Home page on the TV screen.

Step 2

Select the "Setup" tile using the player's remote control. For this and subsequent steps, use the arrow buttons to highlight an option, and then press the middle "OK" button to select it.

Step 3

Select "Player Settings" on the Settings screen.

Step 4

Select "Network" on the Player Settings screen.

Step 5

Select "Easy Network Settings."

Step 6

Select "Wireless."

Step 7

Select "Search for Wireless Network."

Step 8

Select the name of your wireless network from the list. If your network isn't listed, make sure your router is working and press the red "R" button on the remote to search again.

Step 9

Select "Encryption Key" to enter your wireless network's pass code. An on-screen keyboard appears.

Step 10

Use the arrows and OK button on the remote to enter your pass code, then select "Finish" to close the keyboard screen.

Step 11

Select "Set" to submit the pass code and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 12

Press the "OK" button when you see a message that setup is complete, and then press the Return button on the remote several times to return to the Home screen.