How to Set Up VoIP on a Local LAN (4 Steps)

By Greyson Ferguson

Connect a telephone service to your DSL LAN connection.
i DSL Modem Detail image by Rob Hill from

A local LAN connection is a smaller computer network that may range anywhere from a single computer connected to a DSL Internet connection at home to an office building or school. Regardless of where the local LAN connection is, you may want to hook up a VoIP (Voice Over IP) to the connection. A VoIP is an Internet-based telephone provider that allows you to use your Internet connection to make phone calls, without a telephone line and without the monthly fee and long distance calls requiring additional funds.

Step 1

Connect an Ethernet cable to one of the "Out" ports on the local LAN's DSL modem. Plug the opposite end of the Ethernet cable into the "In" port on a VoIP adapter. You can purchase these adapters from most electronics stores. Discount department stores such as Walmart and Target also provide VoIP adapters.

Step 2

Insert a telephone cable into the "Phone Out" port on the adapter, then insert the other end of the cable into the "Line-In" port on a telephone.

Step 3

Power on the VoIP adapter, modem and telephone. Contact the company your VoIP adapter is from and request a new telephone number. You will be set up with a monthly billing statement (as of June 2010, it usually ranges from $10 a month for U.S. calling and becomes slightly more expensive if you want worldwide access).

Step 4

Wait for a response email after your payment and telephone number request is processed. In a few minutes, you will receive your new telephone number. This is your VoIP adapter's contact number, so give out the information to anyone you want to be able to call you over the local LAN Internet connection.