How to Set Up Your Voicemail Message on Verizon

By Michelle Varsallona

Create a voicemail message greeting.
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You do not have to set up a personalized voicemail message greeting on your Verizon phone, but if you do, you have many options to choose from. You can make it professional if you take a lot of business calls, or you can keep it fun for friends and family. Setting up your voicemail message on your phone takes only a few moments of following automated prompts on your cell phone.

Step 1

Dial “*86” on your Verizon wireless phone.

Step 2

Enter your voicemail password when prompted.

Step 3

Press “4” for “Personal Options,” and then press “3” for “Personal Greeting.”

Step 4

Press “*” to record a new voicemail greeting.

Step 5

Press “#” to stop recording when you complete your message.

Step 6

Press “1” to play back your greeting over the phone. Press “#” if you are satisfied with the message or “*” to rerecord the message.