How to Set Up Verizon Call Intercept

by Elizabeth Wolfenden

Call Intercept from Verizon is a bit like having your own personal answering service. Instead of being bothered by pesky telemarketers or other "Unknown Number" calls, Call Intercept will prevent these calls from ever reaching your phone. When one of these kinds of callers dials your telephone number, Verizon's Call Intercept will pick up before your phone even rings and will inform the caller that you do not accept calls from unknown sources. It then gives the option for the caller to leave his name, and will then pass that information along to you. Once it does, you will have the option of accepting the call, declining the call, even letting the caller know you do not accept phone solicitations. This truly is a convenient service. However, many people do not know how to set up Verizon's Call Intercept on their phones. Fortunately, the process is extremely simple and straightforward, and can be done with just a few steps.

Step 1

Sign up for Verizon and Verizon's Call Intercept service. You can do this by calling your local Verizon store or ordering online at

Step 2

Call (800) 527-7070. This should be done from the phone that will be using Verizon Call Intercept.

Set your personal identification number. The automated system will prompt you to do this automatically; just follow the instructions given.


  • Call Intercept may prevent the use of other phone services, such as Anonymous Call Rejection or Call Block, Call Trace, Distinctive Ring and the *69 callback feature. It may interfere with other phone services as well, so it's best to talk to a Verizon representative before deciding if Call Intercept is right for you.


  • After the initial set-up process is complete, you can call to make changes to the Call Intercept settings from any phone. You can also call the number above and listen to the menu prompts to turn Verizon Call Intercept on or off, to add or remove numbers from your priority caller list, and to retrieve your override code.


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