How to Set Up a Sympatico Email Address

by Lucosi Fuller

Sympatico/MSN is the Canadian equivalent to MSN, offering everything that the American Microsoft Network has to offer in news, shopping, sports, entertainment and finances, except with a Canadian slant. Just like an American can get a Hotmail account or a Live account, one can also get a Sympatico/MSN Hotmail account, which is a simple procedure that can quickly connect you with family, friends and people all over the world.

Open up your Web browser and navigate to the Sympatico/MSN website (see Resources). Your account will be a Hotmail account, unless you are a Bell Canada user, which would give you the option of having either a Hotmail account or a Bell Mail account (set up through the telephone company), or both.

Click on "Hotmail."

Click on "Sign up."

Fill in all the information on the "Create your Windows Live ID" page.

Read the Microsoft service agreement and the privacy statement and click on "I accept." This should sign you into the Sympatico/MSN email address.


  • check Choose a password that nobody knows but that is easy for you to remember. That way your email isn't accessible to anyone besides you.

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