How to Set Up Static IP Addresses With Verizon FiOS Routers

By Patrick Nelson

Some specialized equipment can use a static IP address.
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Actiontec, who makes Verizon's FIOS fiber-optic Internet routers, recommend that you use the default DHCP connections provided by the router for computers and other equipment connected to the router. DHCP, or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, dynamically allocates IP addresses as requested by the equipment connected. Most equipment works fine like this. Sometimes, in the case of some specialized equipment, like a Slingbox media server, the manufacturer will recommend setting a static IP address. You can have a combination of DHCP and static IP addressing.

Step 1

Obtain the static IP address that the equipment is required to use and write it down. Often this will be in the particular piece of equipment's setup menu and will look like or similar. Find the equipment's uniquely identifying MAC address and write it down. Often it will be printed on the case.

Step 2

Open the Verizon FIOS router's configuration page by entering the router's IP address in a browser. The default for Verizon's Actiontec routers is Enter the User ID and Password that Verizon have given you. The default is "admin" and "password" or "password1."

Step 3

Browse to the "Advanced" tab and confirm that you want to proceed. Then click on "IP Address Distribution." Click on "Connection List" and you'll see the DHCP connections listed. For example, you'll see computers listed by "Host Name," which is the label you used when naming your computer initially.

Step 4

Click on "New Static Connection" and enter the IP address you want to use and the MAC address you obtained in the earlier step. Ignore the "Host Name" field. Click "Apply" and the device with the unique MAC address will be assigned the static address you have requested. Add more by repeating the steps.