How to Set Up a Sony Bravia HDTV

By Anthony Oster

Coaxial cable is commonly used for standard-definition televisions.
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The Sony Bravia line of high-definition televisions can range in size and features, but the basic setup of these HDTVs will take only a few minutes. The most important factor to consider when setting up your Sony Bravia is what type of picture quality you prefer. High-definition picture quality will require that you connect your Sony Bravia to a high-definition TV source, such as an HD cable box or DVR, and use high-definition cables to connect your TV to the TV source. Connecting your Sony Bravia TV to a standard-definition source or cable will result in standard-definition picture quality.

Step 1

Attach the table-top stand to the base of your unit and tighten the included screws to secure the stand in place. If you decide to wall-mount your unit instead, purchase a wall-mounting kit that is compatible with your Sony Bravia TV.

Step 2

Insert two AA batteries into the Sony Bravia TV Remote.

Step 3

Determine the video source that you will use. The highest quality picture will be gained by connecting your Sony Bravia to a high-definition TV source using an HDMI cable. The next-best picture quality can be achieved using component video cables. Composite video and direct coaxial cable should only be used if they are the only options available, as they will provide the worst picture quality. Connect your TV to the TV source of your choice.

Step 4

Turn on your Sony Bravia with the TV's remote. The initial setup will launch automatically. Use the cursor buttons on your remote to navigate through the setup program. You will be asked to select if the TV will be used for home or retail use and the setup program will scan for available channels. If using a high-definition TV source such as a cable DVR box, your TV may not find any channels during the initial setup.

Step 5

Press "Input" on your Sony Bravia TV remote to cycle between content sources. This will allow you to select from a TV source such as a Blu-ray disc player, high-definition DVR or standard-definition cable box.