How to Set Up SBC Global Email With POP Settings on an iPhone

by Joe Friedman
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One of the most attractive features of the Apple iPhone is its ability to interact with every part of the user's digital world. Connecting with most any email service is just one of those characteristics in this smart phone. For many popular email service providers like Google, Yahoo and AOL, the intuitive iPhone fills in many of email settings automatically during mail setup. Failing that, given the incoming POP and outgoing SMTP mail servers, the owner can configure the iPhone to any email service.

Automatically With Yahoo

Step 1

Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" under the iPhone's settings.

Step 2

Tap "Add Account," then tap "Yahoo!"

Step 3

Enter in the appropriate fields your name, full email address, password and an account description.

Tap to select from the options of items associated with this account that you want to use on the iPhone.

Manual Settings

Step 1

Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" under the iPhone's settings.

Step 2

Tap on "Add Account" and then on "Other."

Step 3

Choose "Mail" as the account type.

Step 4

Enter all the account information as in the previous Step 4. In addition, you'll need the incoming mail POP server name ( as well as the outgoing mail SMTP server name (

Hit "Save."


  • SBC Global's email service operates through Yahoo servers, so automatic setup on the iPhone may succeed with the procedure outlined in Section 1. If not, the manual settings in Section 2 will certainly work.
  • If your Internet service is through Ameritech, Flash, NVBell, Pacbell, Prodigy, SNet, SWBell or Wans, then the POP and SMTP server names may vary from this procedure.


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