How to Set Up a Router With Rogers Internet

by Chappy Sinclair

If you have a high speed connection (such as Rogers DSL), setting up a router does not take much work. Routers do not need to be installed, they simply need to be connected.

Connecting a Router

Step 1

Remove your Internet cable from the back of your DSL modem. Connect it to the back of the router.

Step 2

Plug an Ethernet cable from one of the available ports on your router to the Ethernet port on your computer.

Step 3

Unplug your DSL modem. Unplug your router. Restart your computer.

Step 4

Reconnect your DSL modem. Wait for all of the lights to stabilize. Power on your router. Power on your computer.

Step 5

Load your routers administrative page. This is done by entering the address of the router into a web browser. The address usually looks like Try that. If it does not work, consult your router's manual.

Step 6

Find the "Internet Connection Type" tab. Change the setting to DHCP.

Step 7

Click "Save."

Restart your router once more. Once all of the lights have stabilized, your Internet connection should function properly.


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