How to Set Up Remote Desktop in Windows 98

By Jackson Lewis

Remote Desktop software has been available for use with computers running the Windows operating system for a number of years. The remote desktop software allows programs to be run on a computer from a remote location. Remote desktop software is commonly used as a remote administration tool to help you correct problems on your computer or aid in the setup of complex software. Remote Desktop software can be used on computers running different versions of the Windows operating system, however, the quality and speed of the connection will vary.

Step 1

Download and install the Windows Remote Desktop Software package listed in the resources.

Step 2

Select "Start->Control Panel" from the start menu on your computer. Then choose the "Performance and Maintenance" icon.

Step 3

Choose the "System->Remote" menu options and then choose the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" check box item on the subsequent menu.

Step 4

Restart your computer and you will be able to use remote desktop on your Windows 98 computer.