How to Set Up a Record Player

by Noah Kain
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Depending on your taste, you may prefer digital audio over analog. However, if you are more of the analog type, you are probably going to want to have a record player set up properly in order to play all of your vinyl records. Setting up a record player is a simple task and requires only a few easy-to-follow steps. Doing so will help enhance your record-listening experience, and it can look a little more classy than your average CD player.

Step 1

Connect your record player to your phono preamp, which is used to boost the signal of a record player. Using an audio RCA cable, connect the corresponding red and white ends to the audio outputs on your turntable and then use the other end of the cable to connect to the audio inputs on your phono preamps phono channel.

Step 2

Connect your phono preamp to your stereo receiver. Using your other RCA cable, connect one end to the speaker output on your phono preamp and then use the other end to connect to the audio input on your stereo receiver.

Step 3

Connect your speakers to your stereo receiver. On the back of the speakers you should see a line of speaker wire running out. Use the end of that speaker wire to connect your speakers to your stereo receiver. The back of your stereo receiver should have speaker wire connectors to which you can attach the speaker wire.

Turn everything on and put on a record. Plug in and turn on the record player, phono preamp, and stereo receiver. On the phono preamp, make sure the channel knob is set to phono, the left and right fader is centered, and that the frequency knob is centered. On your stereo receiver, make sure it is set to the audio input you have the phono preamp running into. Then, put on a record. If everything is set up properly, you should hear your record playing. If not, double-check your connections and settings to try again.


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