How to Set Up a Polk Audio Rm6750

By James Clark

Use two-strand speaker wire to connect the Polk system.
i speaker wire image by Paolo from

Polk audio's RM6750 is a compact 5.1 speaker system for a home theater. The system consists of four stereo speakers, a center channel and a subwoofer that connect to an audio-video receiver with standard speaker wire and a subwoofer cable. Each speaker is labeled on the back to aid in room placement, for example, front, center and right. The red and black terminals on the rear of each speaker correspond to the positive and negative connections, respectively, on the rear of an AV receiver.

Unplug the AV receiver power cord.

Place the front left and right speakers on each side of your television screen and the center channel above or below the TV. Set the left and right rear speakers behind the seating area above head level. The big subwoofer box in the RM6750 system can be placed on the floor.

Peel off and cut a length of speaker wire long enough to connect each Polk speaker to the AV receiver. Strip a half-inch of plastic shielding from the two strands on the end of each speaker wire.

Attach the red or striped wire to the red terminal on the back of each Polk speaker by pressing the red terminal tab to open a hole for the wire. Hook up the other wire to the hole above the Polk's black tab.

Connect the other end of each wire to the AV receiver terminals labeled for each speaker.

Plug in the subwoofer cable from the sub output on the AV receiver to either the left or right audio input on the back of the Polk subwoofer. If using a Y-cable, connect the single plug to the receiver and the two plugs on the other end to the "L" and "R" jacks on the Polk sub. Either cable type will work.