How to Set Up Picture Quality on the Panasonic Viera

By Mindi Orth

The light in the room may affect the picture quality of your TV.
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Adjusting the picture quality of your Panasonic Viera television provides a way to improve your viewing pleasure. Panasonic allows you to choose pre-set options that automatically adjust the picture quality settings according to your selection. If you prefer to fine-tune the picture yourself, however, Panasonic also allows you to adjust the picture quality of your Viera manually. You can gain access to these settings using your Viera’s remote control.

Step 1

Turn on your Panasonic Viera television and then press the “Menu” button on your Viera’s remote control. The Viera Main Menu appears on the screen.

Step 2

Use the down arrow button on the remote to highlight the “Picture” menu option and then press the “OK” button on the remote to open the Picture menu.

Step 3

Press the down arrow to select the “Picture Mode” option and then use the left and right arrow buttons to review and select the desired option. The Vivid option provides the best picture contrast and sharpness for viewing in bright rooms. The Studio Ref option offers a high quality gradation and color tone, providing a cinema feel. The Video Game option is for playing video games and defaults when you select Game as the input source. Selecting the Custom (Photo) option allows you to customize each setting to your desired level. Press the “Exit” button on the remote to exit the Picture menu if you select a pre-set picture mode. Press the down arrow on the remote to customize each picture quality setting if you select the Custom option.

Step 4

Adjust the “Brightness,””Color,” “Tint,” “Picture” and “Sharpness” picture settings to the desired level. Use the up and down arrow buttons to select each setting option. Use the left or right arrow buttons to increase or decrease each setting.

Step 5

Adjust the “Color Temp” picture setting. Options include Normal, which provides standard white colors; Cool, which provides a blue tint to the picture; and Warm, which provides a red tint to the picture.

Step 6

Modify the “C.A.T.S.” option. Turning this on adjusts the brightness and gradation of the picture depending on ambient lighting conditions.

Step 7

Press the “Exit” button on the remote to close the Picture Menu.