How to Set Up PayPal on a Website

by Jonra Springs

Set up PayPal on a website to receive payment for goods and services sold online. Credit card payment is also available to your customers through PayPal. Tax calculation and shipping fees can be added to a customer's order automatically, and PayPal keeps record of all sensitive customer information for your website with secure storage. PayPal also offers a "donate" button for a website or blog to allow visitors to send funds without products or services involved. Here's a look at setup of PayPal's standard "Buy now" button to receive PayPal or credit card payment on your website.

Visit the PayPal website (link in the Resources section below) and log in if you currently hold a premier or business PayPal account. PayPal website integration software is available to business and premier account holders. There is a monthly fee for a business account, but not for a premier account. Fees are deducted per transaction.

Open a PayPal premier or business account. Click the "Business" tab on the PayPal home page. That opens the business page. Under the row of tabs on this page, the top box on the upper left is labeled: open a PayPal account. Click the "Create account" button inside that box. This will direct you to a page for choosing a personal, premier or business PayPal account. A premier or business account will allow you to set up PayPal on a website.

Create a premier account by clicking the "Get started" button inside the premier box. This opens a page requesting personal information. Fill in the boxes with your email address, a password, your physical address and phone number. Then click the button at the bottom marked "Agree and create account." An account verification message will be sent to the email address you provide. The message will contain a link for you to click to confirm your email address. Your premier account will be open once your email address is confirmed.

Log in to your PayPal premier account on the PayPal home page with your email address and newly created password. Click the "Profile" choice on the second row of tabs. That opens your profile summary page. Under selling preferences, click "Create new button." Choose "Products" or "Services" from the drop-down menu, then click the dot beside "No, create a 'Buy now' button," and fill in the product or service and price in the boxes provided. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Create button." This opens a page showing the HTML code for the product or service and price you listed.

Click the "Select code" button under the HTML code. Copy the text of this HTML code onto the clipboard by right clicking and selecting "Copy." Go into the web editor tool for your website and bring up the page you want the 'buy now' button to appear on. Set the page on an HTML view to prepare it for receiving the code. Paste the text where you want the button positioned by right clicking over that spot and choosing "Paste." This will post your new 'buy now' button and add PayPal payment options to your website.


  • check Add other PayPal buttons to your website for more shopping and payment features. Choose from "Add to cart," "Subscribe," or "Donate" buttons for more customer options. Use the PayPal website payments standard integration guide for step-by-step instructions on all button installation procedures. A link to the guide is provided in the Resources section.

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