How do I Set Up Outlook to Work With My Cox Email Address?

By Si Kingston

Back up your Cox webmail messages so you do not lose important information.
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Outlook Express allows you to access Internet mail without having to open your Web browser. The software, which comes preinstalled on Windows systems, will work with many Internet mail providers including Cox Mail. In addition, you can use Outlook Express to send mail from your desktop to recipients. The recipients will see your Cox email address in the sender field. To setup Outlook Express to start receiving your Cox mail, you must enter your account login information and the mail server addresses.

Step 1

Click the desktop "Start" menu, click on "All Programs" and select "Outlook Express."

Step 2

Select the "Tools" menu in Outlook Express and choose "Accounts."

Step 3

Click the "Add" button and select "Mail."

Step 4

Enter your name as you want it to appear to recipients (e.g., John Smith) when prompted, then click "Next."

Step 5

Enter your Cox email address (e.g., on the Internet Explorer Address page. Then select "Next."

Step 6

Select "POP3" from the "My Incoming Mail Server Is A..." menu. Enter the Cox POP server name for incoming and the SMTP server name for outgoing mail in the corresponding fields. The POP and SMTP server names differ per your geographic location (see Tips). Click "Next."

Step 7

Type in your Cox account name and password into the corresponding fields. Then select "Next" and "Finish."