How to Set Up Outgoing Email on a Smartphone

by Spanner Spencer
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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP, is a standardized method for the transmission of email over the Internet. Although online electronic mail servers use the SMTP protocol for sending and receiving email, user-operated clients only employ the process for outgoing mail. The process and setup procedure is the same whether the email client is on a desktop computer or a smartphone. A connection address and authorization details are required to log onto the email server before the outgoing email can be sent.

Step 1

Open the "Settings" option for the smartphone's email client.

Step 2

Open the settings for outgoing mail or SMTP. The exact label varies depending on the type of smartphone.

Step 3

Enter the Internet address of the email server for your account in the Host Name section. This includes the domain of the service that provides the account, such as "" or "" Some servers use the same host name for outgoing mail as they do for incoming mail and is typically in the format ""

Step 4

Enter your username in the relevant section. Typically this is the part of your email address that's before the "@" symbol. Some servers have unique usernames, however, and others require you to enter the full email address as the username. Check with your server for the required information.

Step 5

Enter your email account password in the relevant setting.

Step 6

Enter the port number as detailed by your email server. Typically this is port 25 or port 587, but it can vary from server to server.

Step 7

Check your server account to confirm whether any security protocols are required. These include SSL and authentication. If either of these security features are required to log onto your email server, check their boxes in the smartphone's settings to activate them.

Send an email to yourself to test that the SMTP settings are correct.


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