How to Set Up Monitor Speakers

by Lucosi Fuller

Monitor speakers are easy to set up, and most types are connected to the computer in a similar manner. The hardware doesn't take long to hook up, and if there's software, installing it will only take a few seconds (the only software that's necessary are the set of drivers that allow the speakers to work).

Situate the speakers near the computer, unless you're going for surround sound or if the speakers are wireless. You don't want a mess of wires all over the place. Make sure that the right speaker is on the right side of the computer and the left speaker is on the left, if that matters to you at all. They both sound the same when audio comes out of them. The difference is that one speaker--normally the right speaker--has controls on it and the other--the dummy-speaker--doesn't.

Insert the wire from the dummy-speaker to the other speaker. Sometimes, if the speakers come attached by a wire, you won't have to do this.

Connect the wire from the speaker to the computer. This wire will have a pink jack at the end, which will be inserted into the pink speaker port on the computer.

Insert the power adapter jack into the speaker and plug the power adapter into the wall outlet or a series circuit. The computer will automatically detect the new device and an installation wizard will appear.

Follow the directions provided by the installation wizard to install the device drivers either from a software disk or from the Web. Once the drivers are installed, the installation will be complete.

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