How to Set Up a Mobile Hotspot With a Chromebook

by Charlotte Mission
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Using mobile hotspots, also known as mobile tethering, can help you save money on a home Internet plan or give your laptop access to a Wi-Fi connection on the go. Chromebook was designed for mobile use, so setting it up to access your phone’s hotspot signal is a simple process. However, due to Chromebook’s limited, cloud-based functionality, you cannot set up a mobile hotspot if the connection requires you to install drivers or other software.

Step 1

Enable your phone’s hotspot function and make sure you have adequate signal strength. If the phone’s data connection isn’t strong, the Chromebook may not be able to detect or stay connected to the hotspot.

Step 2

Click the Network icon on your Chromebook’s home screen, and then enable the Wi-Fi connection, if necessary.

Step 3

Locate the phone’s Wi-Fi network name in the listing of available connections, and then double-click it to start the setup process.

Step 4

Enter the hotspot’s password when promoted. You can find this information in the phone’s hotspot settings menu.

Wait for the Chromebook to configure the IP address, MAC address and other network settings. The Network icon lights up once the setup is complete and the connection is established.


  • To connect to the hotspot automatically whenever you’re in range, click the “Settings” icon in the status tray, select “Wireless Network,” and then click “Network Options.” Check the “Automatically connect to this network” box, and then click “Close” to save the settings.


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