How to Set Up a Logitech Controller

by Justin A. Mann
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Gaming on a computer is typically done using a mouse and keyboard setup. However, newer technologies are allowing users to play games on their computers with peripherals such as USB controllers. Logitech is one of the largest computer peripheral distributors. Logitech controllers are designed to work with Windows 7. Logitech controllers are plug-and-play; installation involves simply plugging the controller USB into a USB outlet and following the set-up instructions.

Step 1

Plug your Logitech controller's USB into one of the USB ports on your computer. Wait until the "Setup" window pops up and press "Install." Some Logitech controller models automatically perform their installation when plugged in.

Step 2

Open the game you wish to play that has game-pad support. Navigate to the game's "Option" menu and choose "Controller Configuration."

Customize the controller options to your liking. If your controller has an "Axis" button, you can map controls to the control sticks independently of the d-pad (directional pad). Click "Apply" or "Save" to put your setting changes into effect.


  • Refer to your Logitech controller's instruction manual for uninstall information.


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