How to Set Up an iPad for Audiobooks

by Kay Ireland

Your iPad comes preloaded with the iTunes Store, which allows you to access music, videos and audiobook downloads. You can use your iTunes account to select and purchase audiobooks, which are then downloaded and accessible through your on-board iPod. Using iTunes to download an audiobook for the first time may seem confusing, but the process becomes easier as you download more of your favorites. With audiobooks loaded onto your iPad, you can listen to books whenever and wherever you choose.


Start your iPad. Once the home screen has loaded, select the "iTunes" icon. This initiates the iTunes Store. Tap "Audiobooks" at the bottom of the screen.


Browse through the available audio books in the iTunes Store. You can use the tabs at the top of the page to look through featured audio books, top 10 lists and various categories. Use the search feature at the top of the screen to type in the name of a book or author.


Tap on a title that interests you, and view the description of the audiobook. Tap the button that displays the price of the book to purchase the audiobook. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted to authorize the purchase.


Check your iPad to see whether the book has downloaded. Tap the "iPod" icon, and then tap "Audiobooks."


Touch the title of the book you purchased, and it starts immediately.

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