How to Set Up an Internet Telephone System

by Emilio Corsetti

Setting up an Internet telephone system is a simple process that can be accomplished in minutes as long as you have the right equipment and cables. Once the system is set up and running, you'll enjoy voice quality comparable to a wired system but at a much lower cost. You'll experience even bigger savings on international calls. All of this is made possible through the voice over Internet protocol or VoIP. A simplified explanation of how it works is that your analog voice is converted to digital format and then transmitted in packets over the Internet where it is reassembled on the receiver's end. The receiver can receive the call using any phone system.

Connecting, testing and using

Connect your broadband source (such as cable or DSL) to the broadband modem (usually supplied by your broadband provider).

Connect the modem to the router (can be supplied by your provider or purchased separately).

Connect the router to your computer (this will most likely be an Ethernet connection).

Connect the wireless phone system to the router using the phone jack on the router.

Turn the computer on and make sure you have an Internet connection. Assuming that you have already set up a phone number with a VoIP provider such as your cable company or a dedicated VoIP provider such as Vonage, hit talk or dial on your phone and check for a dial tone. If there is a dial tone, you're in business.

Most wireless phone systems come with at least one or two phones that can be placed in any room. As long as the base is connected to the router and has a dial tone, any phone that communicates with the wireless base will be able to make and receive calls. You can make only one call at a time.


  • check Purchase a wireless phone system that can handle more than just one or two wireless phones. This will allow you to have a phone in every room with the added flexibility of not being tethered to a phone line.


  • close If you lose your Internet connection for any reason, you will also lose your phone system. Another problem concerns 911 emergency calls. You must take some additional steps with your VoIP provider to assure that your number can be tracked by your local 911 service.

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