How to Set Up an Imap Email

by Edward Drummond

Setting up an IMAP email account is not all that different from setting up a POP account. You'll need the basic information provided by your email host to enter into your account settings.

Setting Up Your IMAP Account

Open your account settings or preferences in your email program (such as Outlook or Mail). Some will first ask for your name, as you wish it to appear on your outgoing messages. Enter that here.

There will be an option to choose your account type. Choose IMAP.

Enter the name of your incoming mail server. Your mail provider will give you this information. It may appear in the form of a URL, as in "" (without the quotation marks).

Enter your SMTP server for your outgoing mail. It is most likely to look like " (without the quotation marks).

Enter your username or account name. This is almost always the email address of your IMAP account.

Enter your password if you want it saved in the settings of your mail program. Otherwise, you'll need to enter your password every time you access your mail.

Be sure to check the box to activate or include this account when checking for email.


  • check Depending on your mail program, some of these steps may appear in a different order.

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