How to Set Up Home Sharing on the iPad

by Dave Renn

One of the iPad's best unknown features is the ability to stream music and videos from a Mac or PC directly to the iPad with Home Sharing. Home Sharing is a free feature that is built into iTunes that allows users to stream content such as songs or movies directly to their iPad. The computer and iPad need to be on the same Wi-Fi network for Home Sharing to work. Fortunately, Apple has made it relatively simple to turn on and set up Home Sharing for the iPad.

Activate Home Sharing in iTunes


Open iTunes on the Mac or PC that you wish to share media from.


Select the "Advanced" menu from the top of the screen and select "Turn On Home Sharing."


Enter the Apple ID and password when prompted.

Activate Home Sharing on the iPad


Open the "Settings" app.


Select "iPod" from the menu on the left-hand side of the iPad screen.


Enter your Apple ID and corresponding password in the appropriate fields under the "Home Sharing" section.

Play Media on the iPad from iTunes via Home Sharing


Open the "iPod" app on the iPad.


Select "Library" from the top of the menu on the left of the screen.


Choose the name of your iTunes library from the "Home Sharing" menu that pops up. You are now able to stream media directly to the iPad from your Mac or PC via Home Sharing.


  • check The computer and iPad must share the same Wi-Fi network for Home Sharing to work.
  • check The Apple ID and password entered on the iPad must match the log-in used in iTunes on the Mac or PC.

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