How to Set up a Home Fax Machine With a Wireless Router

By Chris Faulkner

Your fax machine can enjoy the same wireless connectivity as all the other devices on your wireless network. As long as your fax machine has wireless networking built-in, it is a simple matter to add it to your network. The only 'old tech' required is the phone cord, which is still needed to access your phone lines. Once it is set up, it can be accessed by any other device on your network, including your smartphone.

Network Sharing

Step 1

Move the mouse to the upper-right corner of the screen, then move the mouse down to activate the Charms Bar and select the “Settings” charm. Before we add the fax machine, we need to ensure that network sharing is enabled.

Step 2

Click the Networking icon. This is the icon that looks like an ascending set of bars. Clicking it will display a list of available networks.

Right-click on the name of your network and select “Turn sharing on or off.” There will be two options shown in the next dialog box. Select the option that says “Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices”.

Add the Wireless Fax Machine to the Network

Step 1

Attach the power cord and the phone line to your fax machine, then turn it on. The fax machine will communicate with the wireless network and other devices on the network, but it still needs a phone line to send and receive faxes.

Step 2

Install the fax machine's drivers. Manufacturers might have different methods for doing this, so read the instructions first. Generally, the machine is powered on first and then the software is installed. Windows should automatically find and install the fax machine as a network device the first time it is detected.

Open the Charms Bar and select the “Search” charm. Type “network” into the Search bar, press "Enter" and click the “Network” link on the left-side of the screen. The fax machine should appear as one of the devices available on the network.