How to Set Up Gmail on a Mobile

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There are different ways to access Gmail on a mobile device, such as through your phone's browser, using the applications or sync feature. With Gmail on your mobile, you will be able to search through a list of your mail from the search bar, organize your email with labels and stars, and read emails with messages of one thread grouped together while you are traveling or enjoying a cup of coffee away from your computer.


Set up a Gmail account if you do not have one. Navigate to Find the link "Create an Account" on the left side of the Web page. Click the link and follow the directions to create your account.


Run your mobile Internet browser on your cell phone. Navigate to the Gmail website. Log in to your account with your username and password. Check and organize your messages using the Web browser.


Download the Gmail application, if your phone offers email support. Use your phone's browser to visit the mobile Gmail website. (See Resources.) Choose to download the application. Once the application is installed, you have access to your mail along with multiple accounts. Downloading the mobile Gmail application is only necessary if your mobile device does not have the Gmail application pre-installed.


Look on your phone's email settings to see if it supports IMAP or POP email. This requires a Microsoft Outlook or AppleMail application to be preinstalled on your phone. Sync your device through the IMAP or POP applications. Each phone and email syncing service is different, depending on your phone's carrier, manufacturer and software. Click the email icon on your phone and follow the steps to set up your Gmail account. If you are having problems or need direction based on the program on your phone, visit the Google IMAP website (See Resources).

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