How to Set Up a Firewall

by Contributor

There are many different Internet security threats. From malicious spam emails to hackers intent on identity theft, no one is entirely safe online without proper protection. One of the best things you can do to help security your Internet connection and protect your identity and assets is to set up a firewall.

Pick which brand of firewall you want to set up. There are many firewall choices, and the one you pick will depend, largely, on what you want to do with it. If you want full protection and extra features, such as spam filtering, expect to pay a little bit more than if you want to set up a basic firewall.

Disconnect your computer from your Internet router or modem. Power on your firewall, and connect it to your home network. Your firewall comes with instructions on how to make these connections.

Configure the various options for your firewall, using the management interface as described in the firewall manual. The management interface for most firewalls is a web page that you can browse to and simply select from the various available options.

Test your Internet connection. You should now have no problem connecting to the Internet and will be protected from Internet threats.


  • check Most firewalls have the capacity for updates. Perform these updates, according to your firewall's manual, on a regular basis to insure that your protection is up to date.
  • check Many computer applications, especially online games, may require you set up your firewall to allow certain types of Internet traffic. Consult your firewall manual to learn how to make these necessary changes.
  • check While there are also software firewalls available, a hardware firewall will provide you superior and more comprehensive protection.

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