How to Set Up a D630 Fingerprint Reader

by Sam N. Austin

Some Dell D630 laptops are equipped with a fingerprint reader. When in use, the fingerprint reader protects your laptop by preventing anyone whose fingerprint it does not recognize from accessing it. This security measure helps protect your BIOS, hard drive, applications and data from unauthorized access.

Enable and activate the trusted platform module (TPM) on the D630.

Open the Embassy Security Center software. From the menu on the left select "Windows Log-in," then locate the "User Enrollment" section and press the "Enroll/Update Fingerprint" button. This launches the BIOS Enrollment Wizard.

In the BIOS Enrollment Wizard window press the "Select" button to open the "Select User" or "Group" window.

In the "Select User" or "Group" window press the "Advanced" button to expand the window and display more options. In the lower half of the expanded window locate and select your user name, then press the "OK" button. This updates the "Select User" or "Group" window with your specific information.

In the updated window, press the "OK" button. This will return you to the "BIOS Enrollment Wizard" window. Press the "Next" button. This opens the "Enrollment Hints" window, with step-by-step instructions, including an interactive tutorial on how to correctly swipe your finger across the fingerprint reader to get an accurate reading.

During the step-by-step instruction process you may choose to enroll one or all of your fingers. When you have finished enrolling fingers, press the "Finish" button. This will open a confirmation window stating that you have successfully been enrolled. Press the "Close" button to complete the process.


  • check You must have administrator privileges on your Dell D630 to set up the fingerprint reader.

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