How to Set Up a Facebook Group

By Caroline Jackson

Facebook offers several ways to communicate. In addition to adding people as friends, you have the ability to create pages and groups. With pages, communication is less interactive -- a page's main purpose is to provide businesses and individuals such as writers and celebrities with a place to post news. In contrast, groups offer like-minded users a place to interact with each other on Facebook. It's possible to have private conversations with other group members and to limit who joins the group.

Sign in to your Facebook Home page.

Click the "Create Group" link in the left column of the Home page. It's beneath your Facebook photo and any groups you already belong to. If you don't see it, click "More" to reveal additional options.

Type a title for your group in the "Group Name" box. Click the down arrow beside the box to choose an appropriate icon. For example, if your group revolves around a football team, choose the football icon.

Click in the "Members" box. Begin typing the name of the friend you wish to add. Facebook will automatically drop down a list of matching people. Click the name to add the person.

Click the drop-down "Privacy" menu to choose who can see your group and the group's information. Your options are "Secret," in which only members have access to group information; "Closed," in which group membership is publicly available but the posts remain private; and "Open," in which the group's membership roster and posts are viewable to everyone.

Click "Create" to set up your Facebook group.